Hi-Lo platform

Hi-Lo platform

The HILO platform is designed to provide the cameraman with an easy, safe and stable platform. The platform is ideally suited for use on uneven terrain or on stadium terracing. The Hilo can be set up in 4 different height variations and can be equipped with any of Egripment's seat swivel supports. The adjustable legs eliminate the need for wedges or complicating levelling devices. The HILO platform packs into compact sections for easy transportation.

Type:    special
Maximum load:    250 kg / 551,2 lbs
Height:    30 cm / 1,0 ft
Height:    85 cm / 2,8 ft
Height:    110 cm / 3,6 ft
Height:    170 cm / 5,6 ft
Weight:    50 kg / 110,2 lbs
Type of wheels:    none
All data are subject to change without notice
Hi-Lo platform
LO-LO Platform
EGR 211 HiLo 2.jpg
EGR 211 HiLo 3.jpg
EGR 211 HiLo 1.jpg
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