Remote Broadcast Solutions
Remote Broadcast Solutions

Remote Broadcast Solutions

The Egripment Remote Broadcast Solutions line of products include the Digital Remote Camera Head, Controls and a wide variety of accessories. All Egripment Broadcast Solution products are prepared for (future) applications, such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Studio Automation. 


Egripment has long been known for an outstanding line of Remote Camera Heads and has built a reputation as World leader in the manufacturing of professional Camera Support Equipment. The original HotHead, The HotShot, The Scanner Elite Head, 305 and 306 Remote Heads, MiniShot and MicroShot Heads, that have been used worldwide in nearly every type of venue are accepted as THE “standard” in our Industry.Every Egripment product is a result of a perfect combination of top quality design and engineering plus advanced technology.

306/D Digital Remote Head

The 306/D Digital Remote Head can easily accommodate ENG type cameras as well as modern Digital Cine Cameras. This new State of the Art Digital Head, is exceptionally smooth and precise in movement, very fast in operation, and easy to set up and operate.

The 306/D Digital Remote Head can be used in a “stand alone” situation, as well as being part of a larger Studio Automation set up. The 306/D is prepared, and ready to use, for Virtual and Augmented Reality sets.

Features such as fast and smooth speed control of the pan and tilt movement, full 360 degree freedom, adjustable speed control for zoom and focus functions, limit switches, ultra-high resolution Encoder, Electronic Damping Control for start and stop, Ethernet data control, and an Adjustable Camera Platform, etc., come standard with the Egripment 306/D Digital Remote Head.

Also a variety of Teleprompter brackets are available and easy to install.

The 306/D is a very compact Digital Remote Head, that can be placed in areas with limited space or access, where it would be very difficult to place a larger remote head.


Art.: 306/D


41,5 cm

16.3 inch


42,4 cm

16.7 inch


18,0 cm

7.1 inch


13,5 kg

30 lbs

Load capacity:

15 kg

33 lbs

Min Speed:

360 ° in 48 min

Max Speed:

360 ° in 1,5 sec


24 V DC | 30 Watt

Data Connection:

Ethernet UDP RJ45/Ethercon

Lens Control:

Serial digital, analog* and hybrid*

Encoder Resolution:

3.640.000 counts/revolution (Pan & Tilt)


Egripment Bus System for additional axes


<40 arcmin


Black Burst, Tri-Level via BNC

End Stops:

Factory end stops optional (software based)

User programmable soft limits

Mount, Fixing:

Mitchel, Euro coupling, Wall, Flat base, custom

Tracking data


Xync x-cito protocol

Graphic vendor


Brainstorm, Marketgraph, Orad, RTSoft, Ventuz, Vizrt, WASP3D, Xpression - more Vendors pending


M2M Interface, Tracking for AR & VR, Automation Control, Touch Display, Protocol Converter, more options constanly added

* on demand

All data are subject to change without notice

336/DCB Digital Control Box

The joystick-controlled 336/DCB is the ideal Digital Control Center to operate the 306/D Remote Head. The 336/DCB offers options and menus, so that even 4 different operators can tune and save the controls exactly to their personal liking for all the head movements, and additional axes for Track and Column movements.

Speeds settings for Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Dolly Track System, Electric Camera Column, and limit switches, are all standard available with the 336/DCB. All settings can be stored and recalled by each individual operator.

This New 336/DCB Digital Controller can control 6 Digital Remote Heads at the same time by a single operator. The operator can quickly and easily choose between different heads which are connected to the same controller.

The 336/DCB even recognizes if Digital Remote Heads are working in combination with a Dolly Track System and/or electric Camera Column, connected to the same controller.


336/TPM Touch Screen Module

An optional product that can easily be added to the 336/DCB Digital Control Box is the 336/TPM Touch Screen Module and Software. The Touch Screen Module and Software will allow many additional features to be utilized such as Pre-Set Camera positions in Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus or Repeatable Camera Movements.

The 336/TPM Touch Screen Software offers the possibility to program an unlimited quantity of Digital Remote Heads and Camera movements/position. The programming of these features is very user friendly and easy to handle.


System Features

In addition to the 306/D Egripment Digital Remote Head, the 336/DCB can control other products such as the Egripment Generic Track System complete with the StarCam Studio Column


For High End Virtual and Augmented Reality applications, the Egripment Remote Broadcast products seamlessly integrate with the Egripment TDT Encoded Camera Crane and Dolly, the Generic Track System as well as our Encoded StarCam Studio System. With this complete modular system, you would then have a very sophisticated multiple axis Virtual Studio System, suitable for the highest quality of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

The total system is comparable to, but exceeds the specification of, competitive Digital systems costing many times more than the sales price of Egripment Remote Broadcast Solution and optional products.

In addition, the Egripment Remote Broadcast Solutions are far more user friendly, and easy to learn and to utilize for higher productivity in the studio.


For more information about Automation and Virtual/Augmented solutions, we would like you to refer to our “Virtual Studio Solutions” or “Automation Solutions” brochures.


All data are subject to change without notice
306/D Digital Remote Head
336/DCB Digital Control Box
336/TPM Touch Screen Module
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