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306 Encoded Remote Head

306 Encoded Remote Head

The 306 Remote Head can easily accommodate ENG type cameras as well as modern Digital Cine Cameras. This new State of the Art Digital Head, is exceptionally smooth and precise in movement, very fast in operation, and easy to set up and operate. The 306 Remote Head can be used in a “stand alone” situation, as well as being part of a larger Studio Automation set up. The 306 Head is prepared, and ready to use, for Virtual and Augmented Reality sets. Features such as fast and smooth speed control of the pan and tilt movement, full 360 degree freedom, adjustable speed control for zoom and focus functions, limit switches, ultra-high resolution encoders, electronic damping control for start and stop, ethernet data control and an adjustable camera platform, etc., come standard with the Egripment 306 Remote Head. Also a variety of Teleprompter brackets are available and easy to install.

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306 Remote head Side view
306 Remote head Front
306 Remote head Pan Shaft
306 Remote head Side
306 Remote head Limit Switch
306 Remote head Side view
306 Remote head Tilt Shaft Detail
306 Remote head Hanging
306 Remote head
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