In addition to the standard Pan and Tilt movement, the ROCKER offers you a 3rd axe roll movement of 45 degrees in either direction. The ROCKER movement maximizes the use of remote camera heads for Pop concerts, Game shows, Entertainment or Sports, as well as a commercial shooting. The ROCKER is an add-on system made for The Scanner Elite Head and the HotShot. It can handle standard ENG cameras with direct cabling. The ROCKER can be installed easily on the Elite or HotShot and includes a special two-way fingertip joystick that can be installed on any desirable location close to the operator. A foot pedal is also available.

Type:    remote
Maximum load:    15 kg
Width:    50 cm
Depth:    23 cm
Height:    24 cm
Weight:    6.5 kg
Minimum speed:    360 ° / 4 min
Maximum speed:    360 ° / 0.5 sec
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