The MicroShot is the smallest among the remote controlled camera Heads. In combination with the latest Lipstick cameras, the MicroShot is unique. The MicroShot offers variable speed controls that can pan and tilt a full 360 degrees in speeds ranging from 2,5 seconds to 17 minutes. The MicroShots is the ideal remote head for sports events, rock/pop concerts, scaled sets and at locations which are dangerous for a cameraman. The MicroShot was used frequently during the Olympic Games.

Type:    remote
Maximum load:    1.5 kg
Width:    7.6 cm
Depth:    6.3 cm
Height:    8.8 cm
Weight:    0.63 kg
Minimum speed:    360 ° / 17 min
Maximum speed:    360 ° / 2.5 sec

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