Steel Track Straight & Curved

Egripment's steel track is designed to support all types of loading in the safest possible way whilst ensuring the necessary stability at all times. Standard tubing is being milled of by us twice and surface treated on the out- and in-side of the tubing. The crossbars are not manufactured from standard material but custom built to our high specification. We use more crossbars per section assuring better stability at all times. The crossbars are bolted to the tubing which makes it possible to "scissor" the track for transport reasons. Egripment standard steel track is 62 cm/3'4" wide and available in many different sections from 1,20 mtr/4 ft up to 3 mtr/10 ft straight and 2,50 mtr/8 ft curved. The wide base track of 81cm/2'8" cm wide is available in straight sections of 1,20 mtr/4 ft up to 3 mtr/10 ft. Egripment also offers accessories such as Trackstoppers and StarterTrack.


Aluminium Pack Track Straight & Curved

The evolutionary step of a classic - the new Pack Track Aluminum. As the name implies this ultra portable track from Egripment "PACKS" away into two carry bags. The rail carry bag carries up to 12 meters / 40 feet of very durable, lightweight and strong anodized aluminum track. Another carry bag contains the necessary Polyurethane crossbars. Pack-Track fits together very quickly, the studs of the crossbars matching with the end of the rail sockets. The stainless steel joints are perfect to ensure a smooth and silent travel.
Whilst Pack-Track has been designed for use with portable dollies the structure is such that Pack-Track can happily support heavier loads. Pack-Track is available in curved and straight sections, and as a kit.

Steel Track Length Weight
154 Starter   3.5 kg
155/4 Straight 120 cm / 3,9 ft 10 kg / 22,0 lbs
155/6 Straight 180 cm / 5,9 ft 15 kg / 33,1 lbs
155/8 Straight 240 cm / 7,9 ft 17 kg / 37,5 lbs
155/10 Straight 300 cm / 9,8 ft 20 kg / 44,1 lbs
153 Curved 240 cm / 7,9 ft 17 kg / 37,5 lbs
Width 62 cm / 2,0 ft  
Diameter Full Circle ØØ 520 cm / 17,1 ft  

Steel Track Wide Base


154/WB Starter   4.3 kg / 9,5 lbs
155/4WB Straight 120 cm / 3,9 ft 11.5 kg / 25,4 lbs
155/6WB Straight 180 cm / 5,9 ft 17.5 kg / 38,6 lbs
155/8WB Straight 240 cm / 7,9 ft 20 kg / 44,1 lbs
155/10WB Straight 300 cm / 9,8 ft 24 kg / 52,9 lbs
Width 81 cm / 2,7 ft



Pack Track Length

Length  1,50 m  
Width rail to rail  62 cm  
Weight  4 kg  
Diameter full circle (12 sections)  Ø 540 cm  
159kit/ALU contains: 5 straight & 3 curves, all crossbars, set of carry bags  

All data are subject to change without notice
Pack Track Aluminum
Pack Track Aluminum
Pack Track Aluminum
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