Power Grip

Power Grip

The Egripment Power Grip comprises of a large suction cup and an integrated, hand operated, vacuum pump. There is a camera platform mounted on top of the rubber suction cup, suitable for all types of film or TV cameras with a maximum weight of 50 kgs. The camera platform can be rotated in an arc of 180 degrees so it is suitable for door and/or bonnet shots when attached to a car. The Power Grip also attaches well to slightly curved surfaces.

Type:    power grip
Maximum load:    100 kg / 220,5 lbs
Length:    21 cm / 0,7 ft
Width:    29 cm / 1,0 ft
Height:    40 cm / 1,3 ft
Weight:    10 kg / 22,0 lbs

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Power Grip Side View
Power Grip Top View
Power Grip Front view
Power Grip
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