Lowbowl 100/150mm Triangle Plate

Lowbowl 100/150mm Triangle Plate

Our lowbowl is designed to mount cameras on places where a tripod is not practical, such as on boats, trees, on roof edges, scaffolds etc. Our lowbowl is available in 100mm and 150mm bowl version. 

All lengths and sizes on request!!

Type:    Clamp
Maximum load:    100 kg / 220,5 lbs
Width:    25 cm / 0,8 ft
Depth:    21 cm / 0,7 ft
Weight:    8 kg / 17,6 lbs

All data are subject to change without notice
250L_100 Triangular Base 100mm bowl_3.jpg
250L_100 Triangular Base 100mm bowl_2.jpg
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