Egripment's Gimble is designed to level your camera on any car rig, wooden platform, camera riser, bazooka set, etc. During the set up of a fixed support for a camera it became always difficult to do this in such a way that your camera levels with the subject you want to shoot. With the use of the Gimble you can easily level the camera or create a desired angle for your shot. The Gimble that you mount on the platform will offer you an easy way to set your camera in the right direction.The Gimble is a handy piece of equipment that every Camera Grip should carry with him.

Gimble Specifications
Type:    Special Mount
Width:    20 cm / 0,7 ft
Height:    10 cm / 0,3 ft
Weight:    2,2 kg / 4,9 lbs

All data are subject to change without notice
Gimble with riser
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