The Egripment Bazooka is a solid, levellable triangle floor section plus a set of 4 bazooka riser sections each of a different height.

The required height is always available by combining the sections for the required total height.
The Bazooka Tripod is a very handy and multipurpose product. It has levelling adjustments at each of the 3 feet.

We have also a ADJUSTABLE BAZOOKA available. See picture 2 and 3 on the right side. The exentions of this column is 50 to 90 cm.


Type:    Camera Risers
Maximum load:    125 kg / 275,6 lbs
Height:    125 mm / 0,4 ft
Height:    180 mm / 0,6 ft
Height:    250 mm / 0,8 ft
Height:    305 mm / 1,0 ft
Height:    355 mm / 1,2 ft
Weight:    12,8 kg / 28,2 lbs

All data are subject to change without notice
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