NEW | Xtreme T10

NEW | Xtreme T10

Following our ground breaking Xtreme T12 Carbon Fiber Crane first produced in 2010, Egripment has now created a further extension of this line of cranes with more innovation and creative engineering. 


Ready for Virtual or Augmented operation.

The Xtreme T10 is not just a scaled down version of the Xtreme T12.

Instead, we utilized our Carbon Fiber technology and engineering experience with both conventional and telescoping cranes over the last 35+ years, to produce a new Ground Up engineering model, designed around the need for precise and smooth operation for Augmented and Virtual Reality. 


Telescoping Crane

Rather than first building a crane, then deciding how to make it work for this fast growing segment of the Broadcast and Film Industry, we engineered the Xtreme T10 directly toward AR / VR utilization. However, because of the ease of use designed into every Egripment product, the Xtreme T10 is also completely suitable for conventional Telescoping Crane use in the industry.


Carbon Fiber

Our use of laid up Carbon Fiber technology, along with Cold-drawn, Rolled Carbon Bearing steel, enabled Egripment to create a Lightweight, fast action, and incredibly smooth crane operation.


New Dolly

In addition to the Extreme Xtreme T10 Telescoping Crane, we also created an entirely new Dolly and Telescoping column to augment the operation of this crane arm.


Encoded Axis

All axis of the Crane Arm, Dolly and Telescoping column may be fully encoded to become an integral part of any AR / VR system.


Economical Costs.

Whether an operator’s needs include the best and latest technology for Augmented and Virtual Reality, or you just need a 100% reliable, smooth and easy to set up and use telescoping crane, the Egripment Xtreme T10 will suit your needs at a very economical cost.



Very easy to switch from Underslung to Overslung,

Max height and length of the arm is 7,50 mtr/24,6 ft to min length of 2,10 mtr/6,2 ft

Telescopic range 5,40 mtr/17,7 ft

Maximum telescoping arm speed is 2,1 mtr/7 ft per second,

The weight of the arm is only 275 kg/605 Lbs.

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