TDT - All in One - Remote Crane System


The TDT Remote Crane System is a new concept for a Lightweight remote camera crane and remote head combined as a single product.
Portions of the remote head are built into the front section of the arm, and the controls at the back of the crane are built as a part of the weight bucket.
There is no other crane system like this available on the market.
We would like to add the TDT system as a "different" and completely "new" design offered at a very low price, but with the high Egripment quality all our products are known for.
The TDT crane is a modular system with 3 arm sections of 1,50 Mtr / 5 Ft. long. This gives the user the ability to transport the complete arm in a very small vehicle.
The TDT remote head technology is a combination of the Scanner Head and the SuperShot Head. The two motor sections (Pan and Tilt) of the head can be adjusted for completely nodal use. There are no slip rings available but both motor units have cleverly placed holes to guide the cabling to the camera.



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