Meeting the Challenge

Dear Valued Customers & Partners,

First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are keeping safe and well. Our priority at the moment has to be health and wellbeing of all of us as we face one of the most significant global public health emergencies in recent times.

More than a third of the planet’s population is under some form of restriction. In Holland & Germany we go into week 4 of our restrictions. In Holland a little bit different than the rest of the world. We do not have a complete lock down but a controlled lock down. "Stay home as much as possible - Keep 1.5 meter distance - If you have a cough or a cold, stay home."

In the more than 45 years of our company, we have faced major challenges before.

We have succeeded in meeting these challenges together with our employees, our customers and our partners. This pandemic will undoubtedly become an important chapter in the history books. We will continue to support you unabated.

At the moment we have made efforts to fine tune our R&D developments. There are beautiful ideas and NEW products on the table. We will share and inform you about this in the coming months. And because of the covid-19 virus we made also in short time Corona protection screens and big frames which they can use in the OB trucks and tv studios.

We are also pleased to announce the launch of a new website which is coming online very soon. Together with the website we launched a webstore with very special offers with a discount up to 40%. This webstore is online and you can visit the webstore via our website or via the following link: Webstore Egripment

The website and store of Egripment will be updated on a regular basis with content like new product clips & photos and recent jobs and installations. We will follow up soon!

We hope to meet you all in good health face to face during the IBC show in September in Amsterdam and show you our new products and developments !

Do stay safe and follow official advice to protect yourself and keep 1.5 meter distance.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help.

Take good care,

Philippe Tresfon

+31 294 25 39 88

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