FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

Egripment Xtreme T10 Encoded’ for the Studio of German ARD & ZDF

Egripment is proud to announce that the Xtreme T10 Encoded Telescopic Crane played the key role in the daily live broadcast of the FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 in Russia for German broadcaster ARD & ZDF as it presented its camera and graphic concepts in Augmented Reality.

The TV station has a proven track record of setup and success with Augmented Reality in combination of the Xtreme T10 as seen at UEFA Euro 2016 in France and at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 in Russia. For those live broadcasts, as at World Cup 2018 in Russia, support was provided to ARD & ZDF by ‘deltatre’, one of the leading companies of international sports graphics and from Egripment Germany which provided Egripment’s fully encoded Xtreme T10 rental crane as well as full services including on-site calibration and operation of the crane. The crane delivers superior real time tracking data in combination with the Vizrt Render Engines.

The unique tracking solution of the Egripment Xtreme T10 ensures that all obtained data from the crane, as well as the lens information and deformation data is delivered in a simple data stream for deltatre’s render engines running the latest VIZRT Virtual Studio with Tracking Hub. The tracking protocol further simplifies the redundancy of the data stream in case of the unlikely failure of a render engine and seamless switch over to the backup system, as all data is delivered as fully processed protocol to available engines within the network.

The Egripment Xtreme T10 uses so-called mechanical tracking, operating independently from any visual targeting. Therefore, the operation of the crane is identical to and is as flexible as normal crane operation, used in a non-Augmented Reality application.

The Xtreme T10 has proven itself as ‘the reference’ when it comes to high precision tracking in combination with a telescopic crane around the world. The crane is utilized with a superior encoder package with tracking interface using the Trackmen protocol, as well as the well-known 306 Encoded Remote Head. 

Known from major events, using Augmented Reality, such as the LII Super Bowl 2018 and high-class corporate events which exceed broadcast standards, the Egripment Xtreme T10 is the reliable piece of reality in an emerging virtual and augmented world.

One major advantage of the Xtreme T10 is its maximum arm reach of 7.50 m (24.6ft), in relation to the compact overall operational length of only 9.70 m (31.7ft). This ensures that the crane arm can reach almost every spot within the studio, delivering maximum flexibility, at a minimum footprint and demand for operational space. Thanks to the ultra-stiff custom carbon fibre design, the arm swings as solid as a rock, with a minimum of weight.

This package guarantees the TV station can use AR elements in a mixed setup without any known boundaries - unifying the real world with deco/set elements and AR elements like the virtual gate, used by ZDF for the player line-up presentation.



WC2018_Egripment_AR_ARD-ZDF (3).png
WC2018_Egripment_AR_ARD-ZDF (1).png
WC2018_Egripment_AR_ARD-ZDF (5).png
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