Egripment presents #XTREME T10 “ARC” COMPENSATION @ IBC 2019


Cranes, Dollies, Remote Heads and Jibs Fortify the Company’s Offerings

 Introducing its new ARC Compensation hardware and software tool for Egripment’ s XTREME T10 Telescoping Crane.

 This new feature gives the operator a tool to automate the arm movement. There are three ways to define an automatic telescope movement, related to pan and tilt positions. The ARC Compensation adds functionality for automated moves including vertical straight lines, horizontal plane and pan compensation. This software module gives you the precision to make perfect vertical straight lines, Horizontal plane or divine a square, all by the activation of just one button.


Rather than first building a crane, then deciding how to make it work for this fast-growing segment of the Broadcast- and film industry, we engineered the Xtreme T10 directly to be ready for the future.

Egripment strives to be at the very forefront of the industry by not only being innovative using the latest materials such as carbon fiber, but also developing new software tools making it possible to use Egripment products for AR / VR utilization and Automation.

However, because of the ease of use designed into every Egripment product, the Xtreme T10 is also completely suitable for conventional Telescoping Crane use with the innovative ARC Compensation.

Featuring leading innovations that are paramount for live applications as well as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) studios, the Xtreme T10 is a multi-faceted system that will greatly benefit a variety of productions.

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